MommyTu Postpartum + Beyond in Jacksonville, Florida

Episode 11: Our guest is TaJonda Bradley, the owner of MommyTu Postpartum + Beyond. MommyTu is a postpartum support coaching and in-home nurse concierge service in Jacksonville. In this episode TJ chats with us about some of the stressors and challenges moms face during that postpartum phase. We’ll also discuss how her coaching and in-home services can help new moms.

Episode 11: Show Notes

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Episode 11: About our Guest

MommyTu Postpartum Support in Jacksonville

TaJonda Bradley is a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida, who has always had a natural gift of uplifting others especially when in their most vulnerable time of need. Being a wife of almost 10 years and having her first kiddo at the age of 30, followed by twins, she completely understands the demands of trying to juggle motherhood, a career, relationships, a balanced home, all while showing up as the best version of herself.

TaJonda is from Panama City, Florida and was the first to attend college in her family and is a graduate from the University of North Florida where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, followed by a BSN in Nursing. She worked in a busy med-surg-tele unit as a staff RN, worked as an Inpatient Clinical Research Coordinator, and as a traveling Hospice Nurse Liaison in her nursing career.  She is currently working on her MBA with Southern New Hampshire University where she’ll use all of her cards to serve goal oriented, high achieving, and postpartum MAMAS with her high level coaching services. TaJonda was also an NFL cheerleader, captain, and ambassador for the Jacksonville community for 5 exciting years. 

About MommyTu Postpartum + Beyond

MommyTu Postpartum + Beyond is a high-level coaching service for goal oriented, high achieving MAMAS, as well as an In-home Nurse Concierge service for postpartum MAMAS in Jacksonville, Florida. “Motherhood is so dynamic and the needs of each lady is truly unique. I give these beautiful MAMAS a space to say the things they’ve always wanted to say, and achieve those dreams they’ve always wanted to achieve through support, education, accountability, and with a sense of belonging. It’s beautiful to see them level up and become better versions of themselves while we work together,” says coach, TJ. MommyTu offers moms in Jacksonville postpartum support both online and in person.

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MommyTu Postpartum + Beyond in Jacksonville, Florida


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