Patty Soud, owner of Fitness by Patty

Episode 10: Our guest is Patty Soud, the owner of Fitness by Patty. In this episode, Patty chats with us about how she got started as a fitness instructor. We’ll also discuss her philosophy on fitness that she shares with her clients. Lastly, Patty gives us some tips to help moms achieve those fitness goals they’ve set for themselves, as well as, how to manage your fitness expectations while balancing the demands of motherhood.

Episode 10: Show Notes

Fitness by Patty
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Episode 10: About our Guest

Patty Soud is the founder and owner of Fitness By Patty, where she offers individual, partner, and small group personal training, virtual training, nutrition coaching, corporate wellness, and online workout programs. She also offers aquatic therapy, beach boot camps, and her specialized ROM Stretch Therapy, a customized, therapeutic stretching session dedicated to alleviating sore or stiff muscles and increasing overall flexibility and joint range of motion. She is the author of The Fit Body Way Nutrition Guide and Cookbook. Patty has been helping individuals reach their health and fitness goals, and more, for 17 years and holds a B.S. degree in Athletic Training from the University of North Florida.

Patty is proud to offer her clients a truly one-of-a-kind experience with her holistic approach to training, helping those she works with to live a more wholesome, active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. She was born in the Philippines but is a Neptune Beach local. When she isn’t working with clients, she loves gardening, surfing, biking, or rollerblading while pushing a double-stroller with her two kids. She also loves to travel and meet new people. You may also recognize Patty and her husband, Ronnie, as the surf/SUP models for Visit Jacksonville.

About Fitness by Patty

Serving Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach & Ponte Vedra – Fitness by Patty offers personal training, nutrition consulting and the uniquely invigorating Range of Motion Therapy. They strive to boosts confidence, energy and vitality by strengthening both body and health habits. Her clients enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Focused on a holistic approach to training for a wholesome, active, and healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Patty offers private, partner, small group sessions, aquatic therapy, ROM Stretch Therapy, and Corporate Wellness. She is now also offering virtual training sessions, as well as online workout programs for the busy individual.

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