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Episode 19: Our guest is Maria Inoa, a Jacksonville mom and the owner of Maria Inoa Coaching. Maria is a relationship coach and in this episode, we chat with her about common stressors in a relationship and in a marriage. She also shares with us some tips to keep marriages healthy throughout the years.

Episode 19: Show Notes

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The Five Love Languages Book (affl link)

Episode 19: About our Guest

Maria Inoa Coaching - Jacksonville, FL

Maria Inoa, MSW is a relationship coach for women. She has been a therapist for over 15 years, and as such, has a deep understanding of relationship dynamics. She is passionate about helping women navigate their relationship struggles in order to have a more safe, loving, and trusting relationship. 

About Maria Inoa Coaching

Relationship Coaching, Jacksonville

Helping women navigate their strained relationship so they can experience a loving, safe, & trusting relationship. Maria addressees issues such as:

  • You’ve found success in your career, but your love life is another story.
  • You attract the “bad boys.” Guys that promise you the world, but leave you broken-hearted.
  • What you want is a happy relationship where you don’t question his feelings for you, but your insecurities and self-doubt get in the way.
  • You tend to put up with toxic behavior that leaves you second guessing yourself. Am I good enough? Is something wrong with me?
  • At the end of the day, you’re left feeling exhausted and defeated. You need support and guidance to help break the cycle.

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