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Episode 20: Our guests today are Julia Aland and Jess Nemecek from Casa Design Consulting. Julia and Jess combine their organizational skills with training in the Montessori method to help parents create a home that is calm, organized, and functional for parents and kids. In today’s episode, they chat with us about Casa Design and the services they offer and give us some tips to help parents curb kid clutter.

Episode 20: Show Notes

Casa Design Consulting

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Episode 20: About our Guests

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Jess was a Montessori student herself, raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, her Godmother was on the committee that started the public Montessori school program. Her love for Montessori led her back as an adult and she is now a credentialed Montessori teacher for ages 6-12. When Jess was 8 years old she met Aubrey, they were both Synchronized swimmers for The Cincinnati Synchrogators! In college they reconnected in their Montessori practicum class for ages 6-9. This is also where they met Christine and their lives have been better as a result. As an adult, Jess still loves learning and she is currently completing her Masters in Education. In 2014, she followed her love for adventure and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. There she met her husband Charles, the two now live with their dog Mac in Atlantic Beach. Jess and Julia met in early 2021 and are so thankful for how easy it’s been to work together and grow a business. Jess aspires to celebrate each day and when she works with families, she most enjoys empowering them to create peace, in a home that supports the needs of each member of the family.

Casa Design Consulting Jacksonville

Julia was born and raised in Atlanta and graduated from Auburn University with a bachelors in Early Childhood Education. She believes that each child has the ability to learn from the world around them and that environments play an important role in a child’s development. After graduating from Auburn, Julia and her husband, Patrick, were stationed in Hawaii for what they call their “extended honeymoon”. During this time she served as an in-home child care provider for a family of four young children. Once moving back to the mainland Julia and Patrick had their first daughter, Collins. It was then that Julia fell in love with the Montessori teaching method. She knew that she wanted to raise her daughter in a space that fostered creativity, exploration, and independence. After the birth of their second daughter, Hadley, Julia joined The Discovery School and completed her Montessori training at the infant and toddler level.  She spent four years at the school before stepping away to be more available to her children and help to expand Casa Design Consulting with Jess Nemecek. She is excited to share her passion and love for the Montessori Method with all of you.

About Casa Design Consulting

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CASA Design aspires to reinvigorate families’ sense of harmony through sustainable child-focused adjustments to the home environment. Using their child-development expertise, they creatively adapt spaces to promote independence. Through prioritizing function, beauty, and order, they transform the atmosphere of spaces to breathe an air of purpose. With their research-based insights, they empower families to face the demands of today and feel confident about tomorrow. You can find out more about Casa Design Consulting by visiting their website and scheduling a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

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