Nicole Boshell, the Jacksonville mom behind Natural Desires Soap Company

Episode 26: Our guest is Nicole Boshell, the mom behind Natural Desires Soap Company. In this episode, Nicole talks with us about how she got started as the Messy Soap Maker and why using all-natural ingredients can be beneficial for your family.

Episode 26: Show Notes

Natural Desires Soap Company

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Episode 26: About our Guest

Nicole Boshell from Natural Desires Soap in Jacksonville, FL

Nicole Boshell is the founder of Natural Desires Soap. She is an herbalist, and messy soap maker of dermatologist recommended bath and body products. She is driven by the desire to assist you with the knowledge and the purest earth mind remedies to serve your body, the genuine love it deserves.

About Natural Desires Soap Co.

Natural Desires Soap Company in Jacksonville, FL

Natural Desires Soap Company can help you achieve healthy, hydrated, revitalized skin the natural way. They offer all natural products for those who struggle with eczema, redness, dryness, itchiness, acne, overly oily, problematic, dull skin, or you’re just in search of pure and honest skincare. Their creative natural homemade soaps are made in small batches to ensure every oz of nourishment. All of their products are purely homemade in Jacksonville, Florida.

Episode 26: About our Sponsor

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Natural Desires Soap Company in Jacksonville, FL


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