Calonda Henry from Broad Horizons Speech Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Episode 32: Our guest is Calonda Henry, a Jacksonville mom and the founder of Broad Horizons Speech Therapy. In this episode, Calonda chats with us about speech and language development for kids, when to get an evaluation, and goes over a little bit about what types of services are available to kids who need some extra help.

Episode 32: Show Notes

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Episode 32: About Our Guest

Calonda Henry from Broad Horizons Speech Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Calonda is the CEO and Founder of Broad Horizons Speech Therapy. She has always been passionate about working with children since she began her career 10+ years ago in the very school district she graduated high school from. In 2018, Calonda became a mother which ultimately shifted her focus for the greater good. In the midst of a global pandemic, she left her full-time speech language pathology job to pursue private practice on her own.

Episode 31: About Broad Horizons Speech Therapy

Broad Horizons Speech Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Broad Horizons Speech Therapy is a full service pediatric speech language therapy practice that offers child centered practices to families and school partners. They offer services for children ages 1-18 across numerous settings (i.e. in clinic, tele-health, and schools) and accept various insurance plans in addition to offer flexible payment methods. Broad Horizons believes firmly that all children, no matter their circumstances, background, or origin, should have access to communication. Their goal is to make it easy and simple for you. They will help you get to the root of their struggles and collaborate on a treatment plan that is best suited for your family.

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