Sarah McElrea owner of Summa Salts in Jacksonville, FL

Episode 45: Our guest is Sarah McElrea, a Jacksonville mom and the owner of Summa Salts. In this episode we chat with Sarah about how she got into the salt business, the culture of markets and makers in Jacksonville, and her philosophy on giving your customers the products they are asking for.

Episode 45: Show Notes

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Backyard Buffalo
Lola Farms
Elderberry Basil Cocktail Salt
Vampire Killer Salt
Riverside Arts Market
Atlantic Beach Farmers Market
Murray Hill Farmers Market

Episode 45: About Our Guest

Sarah McElrea - Owner of Summa Salts in Jacksonville, FL

Sarah McElrea is a small business owner, mom, and lover of all things Jacksonville. She started her business Summa Salts during the pandemic after leaving her career as a teacher to be a stay-at-home mom. Sarah’s little seasoning idea exploded after being featured in magazines and debuting at local farmers markets and festivals. She spends her off days with her family exploring the springs of Florida, eating at local restaurants and drinking iced lattes at her favorite local coffee shops. 

Episode 45: Summa Salts

Summa Salts in Jacksonville, FL

Summa Salts handcrafts seasoning salts in Jacksonville, FL. Their entire process is completed by hand using only fresh herbs and peppers they grow themselves or locally source. Their small batch products come in reusable grinders and are free of colors, unnatural ingredients or sugars. Summa Salts come in a variety of herbaceous and spicy blends with fun names like “Vampire Killer”, “Boujee Chicken” and “Spicy Unicorn”. In addition, they offer cocktail salts to pair with your favorite drinks. Their products are available at local markets and shops in Jacksonville and throughout North Florida, or you can order direct on their website.

Summa Salts Jacksonville, FL


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